These training workshops are required within the first 6 months of starting with MHAS, SHA Saskatoon area.  Please follow the link attached to each course description to register.  You MUST have a profile on the Training Registration system to register for the courses.  To add a profile on the TRS, visit the Saskatoon Health Region Infonet/Home Page/Applications/Training Registration System.

As employees within the health care system, we are entrusted to protect the personal health information of the patients, clients and residents we serve. In fact, as trustees under The Health Information Protection Act, we have a legal obligation to ensure their health care information is protected, and only accessed when required for care.

To ensure all employees understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to protecting patient privacy, the SHA is requiring that all employees receive training in privacy and confidentiality on a regular basis.

Please follow the link below for instructions on how to register for the Privacy Training;

Welcome to the Substance Use Disorder Core Orientation!  There are 2 parts to this Orientation.  Topic 1 includes some basic information on Risks for Use, Comorbidity, Stigma and language.  Topic 2 is the completion of the CAMH course 'Addiction 101'.  Please follow the link under Part 2 to complete the CAMH Addictions 101 course.  Please sign in and create an account using your email to ensure that you receive a completion message.  Once complete, please forward this on to your manager.

Thank you-enjoy the course!