Welcome to the Irene and Leslie Dubé Centre for Mental Health and
Addictions/Mental Health Short Stay Orientation

Welcome to Dubé! We are glad that you have a chosen a career in Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS) and we look forward to helping you grow in your knowledge and skills throughout the orientation period and beyond.

Acute Care MHAS nursing is exiting and a very unique environment in which to work. Vast MHAS knowledge as well as a broad medical skill set is a requirement of the job. The ability to think quickly and make critical clinical decisions is a must when dealing with acutely ill MHAS clientele.

It is expected that the RN/RPN/LPNs, arriving at the Dubé Centre, will be well prepared and knowledgeable in both theory and scope of practice. They also need to be self-directed in seeking information on topics that are unfamiliar to them. This e-Learning site will enhance our ability to assess these qualities prior to starting the orientation process. For more information please contact one of your educators.


Agum Mapiour 306.655.0892

Chris Schindel 306.655.0895

Your Orientation will consist of 3 parts:

1. Pre Orientation Prep Work

         Learning Packages and E-learning – RN/RPN/LPNs will be paid for 4 hours of this time in order to complete these prior to classroom orientation.

 2. Classroom Orientation

          First off, our orientation days are always 0800-1600 on Day 1 and 0800-1200 on Day 2. On Day 1 please come to the front entrance of the Dubé Center wearing casual dress clothes and appropriate footwear as we will be touring the units.

          You have also been registered for Advanced Professional Assault Response Training (PART) on Days 3 and 4.This is mandatory training that needs to be taken prior to your orientation shifts on the unit. These days run from 0800-1600 in Room 1010 Dubé. If you have already taken this course please provide a certificate to one of the CNEs as soon as possible.

          In addition to this time a 4 hour day will be added to any new staff that requires SCM Order Entry Training.

3. Buddy Shifts

         The number and type of buddy shifts you receive will vary depending on your level of experience and the position you will be taking.

         There are evaluation forms to complete for each shift, and a check sheet to help guide your learning. Look for them below.

          Our goal will be to pair you with a senior staff member; however this will depend on availability.