Local anesthetia is the reversible loss of sensation in a defined area of the body. This is achieved by the topical application or injection of agents that block the generation and/or the journey of nerve impulses in tissue. Although very rare, local anesthetics can be toxic if there is accidental intravascular administration. Local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST) can occur if unsafe amounts of local anesthetic enter the bloodstream. LAST can happen slowly as local anesthetic is absorbed over time, or it can occur quickly with accidental injection directly into a blood vessel. LAST can progress to seizures and respiratory and/or cardiac arrest. 

Here, you will learn about facts about LAST, signs and symptoms, rescue medication dosing and administration, prevention and treatment guidelines. 

In person training will include but not limited to: LAST education, review of rescue medication dosing and hands on simulated administration, IV practice, review of treatment guidelines, explanation of LAST Rescue Kit location and contents. 

Please take your time to complete this learning module in its entirety and contact CNE Ashley with any questions. When LAST module is completed, please email or give me a paper copy of your certificate.  


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